7 Tips for Online Learning During COVID-19

Nov 17

7 Tips for Online Learning During COVID-19

Are you new to take online courses?

These 7 study tips will help you to succeed while studying online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

#1 - Create a dedicated study environment

To make your learning more effective, it's essential to have a dedicated space at home to take online courses. Ensure that this place is quiet and organized by removing any distractions from the space.

It's better if you can use headphones for listening to lectures or discussions. Consider turning your mobile phone off to avoid losing focus every time a notification pops up.

#2 - Get reliable internet access

Reliable internet access will help you to keep up with your online learning course. Ensure that you save your work repeatedly and backup regularly using cloud storage like Google Drive / Dropbox. Install the required software and test them well before a live lecture begins.

If assignments are uploaded to a cloud service like Google Drive / Dropbox, make sure you have the required account details or access information in advance.

#3 - Set goals for studying

Look at the syllabus at the start of the semester and make a note of major assignments. Create a study calendar, and it will help you remember all the important deadlines for submitting your assignments and exam dates.

Ask yourself what you hope to accomplish in your course each day. Setting a clear goal can help you stay motivated and prevent delaying or postponing. The goal should be specific and easy to measure.

#4 - Actively take notes

Taking notes will improve your ability to understand and extend your attention span. You may use a notebook or find software that works best for you to write key points.

#5 - Actively participate in online discussions

Course discussion forums are a great place to build relationships with other students. Engaging in online discussion boards by asking questions about course materials and assignments or sharing resources.

If you do feel yourself falling behind, speak up. Don't wait until an assignment is almost due to ask questions or report issues.

#6 - Take breaks

If you feel that you are not progressing or tired while studying, take a break to rest your brain. Resting your brain after learning will boost your performance. These breaks will re-energize you and even give you new ideas on how to solve problems.

Don't forget to keep a clear distinction between where you study and where you take breaks.

#7 - Stay motivated

Always reward yourself when you make progress towards your goals.

Consider posting your achievements to your social media accounts. It makes a difference when you have a family and network of friends cheer you on.

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