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The Institute of International Education Lanka Private Limited (IIEL) is the ideal tertiary education provider for those who wish to conquer the International arena by being well qualified personnel in the domain of the International Supply Chain domain. 

Even though with the rapid development and growth in the International trade sector, the business of shipping, logistics, International trade and cargo-handling is moving on the fast-track in Sri lanka, Middle East and Asia Pacific while creating many remunerative job opportunities ,it is a great pity that a considerable amount of scarcity for qualified personnel who satisfy the required qualifications in this domain is visible in Sri Lanka due to the lack of programs and recourse centers.

We are hoping to offer you the best Certification programs of the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management which have been verified and determined to meet all the Quality Management System (QMS) requirements of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard 9001, the Quality Management for Quality Systems Administration, for Process/Product Operations and Quality Control.

Our main object is to empower the Sri Lankan human capital with a profound knowledge with a professional recognition for a brighter career prospect to compete in the International domain successfully. Accordingly, we have formed alliance with Blue Ocean Academy - Dubai and The International Business Training Association (IBTA) - USA. Therefore, we are proud to be one of the leading education provider and to ally with these leading franchises by which a mass number of highly qualified professionals are being created in every year to bridge the gap.


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