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Institute of Java and Software Engineering - IJSE

The Institute of Java and Software Engineering which works towards the encouraging of students towards the speedily developing field of software engineering has been in action since the year of 2006 when the main branch in Panadura was initialized, in an era that Panadura was not the educational hub it is today. Mr.Prasad Waduge who first acted as the coordinator, today plays the role of CEO while Mr.Niroth Samarawickrama happens to act as Senior Lecturer / Director Trainee.

In 2010, the branch in Galle was initialized bringing the total of branches up to two. Since then IJSE has been consistent in producing a group of highly skilled and talented software engineers armed with both theoretical and practical knowledge. IJSE has attracted the attention of the students of all over Sri Lanka bringing a turnout of students from both near and far each semester with minimum advertising. A total of over 4000 students have benefited from following programs of IJSE and been released to the industry where they have managed to obtain jobs at the most prestigious software companies in Sri Lanka. Up to this day, IJSE works efficiently with the sole intention of supplying the industry with highly skilled personnel who will work towards the development of the field of Software and IT.


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