Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission

+94 11 2 564176

No.55, Abdul Caffoor Mawatha , Colombo 3

The U.S. Sri Lanka Fulbright Commission (US-SLFC) has, for more than 6 decades, devoted its activities to the promotion of mutual understanding between the U.S and Sri Lanka through mutual academic and professional exchanges.

The U.S. SLFC, formally known as the U.S. Educational Foundation of Sri Lanka, is an autonomous bi-national commission established by the governments of the U.S and Sri Lanka. Its activities began when representatives of the two governments initiated a short-term programme by an executive Agreement signed on 17th, November 1952.

The Programme gained permanent status in 1964 with the signing of an Agreement for the establishment of the present U.S. Educational Foundation of Sri Lanka,. The US-SLFC is the only independent commission of its kind in the field of academic exchange in Sri Lanka and the only such entity that functions under a bi-national Board of Directors.


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