Centre for Advanced Studies and Research - CASaR


811/1/A, Main Street , Katuwawala , Boralesgamuwa

"Education for All, Alike!" 

Centre for Advanced Studies and Research (CASaR) is a registered institute for Education & Training, Educational Research and Consultancy. It currently operates in the fields of Computing & ICT, Business & Management, Logistics Management and Linguistics.

Vision & Mission 

Our vision & mission is to provide anyone interested, the best ways to have access to structured and sustainable education, educational research and consultancy.

Aims & Objectives 

  • Initiate and facilitate educational research
  • Facilitate other multidisciplinary research
  • Promote fruitful research and advanced studies
  • Design, develop and deliver educational programmes and content
  • Design, develop and deliver staff training programmes
  • Facilitate for lifelong and independent learning
  • Offer consultancy services within the scope of the organization

What We Do

research. educate. consult.

Our services include Education & Training, Educational Research and Educational Consultancy. One of our major strengths is our academic and industry experts who are involved in envisioning, directing and operating a centre towards quality than quantity.


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