Swiss Institute

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The Swiss Institute for Service Industry Development was founded by a group of veteran educationalists and corporate trainers with in-depth experience in the hospitality and financial service industries. They have North American, European, Middle-East and Asian experience in setting up and running prestigious institutions and programs. Common to all members of our team is that they have worked as professionals in industry and have a strong training competency as well.

Our Philosophy

Everywhere in the service industry there is contact with and delivery of a service to a customer. Service industry is complex: There is a logistics side to it, and there is customer service to it. The product of the service industry depends on both the hard side and the soft element being perfectly executed.

Our philosophy is to take the best practices from across the service industry and give our students a foundation – in the general competencies of service. Then you specialize in the specific service sector you wish to work in. And if you want to move into another sector later on, just take another specialism!


Courses @ Swiss Institute