Ministry of Higher Education

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#18 , Ward Place , Colombo 07

It is to regularize, expand and develop the institutions under the Higher Education System; the government established the Ministry of Higher Education. As such this Ministry has a great responsibility in social and economic development. It has a huge impact towards the Development of Human Resource demanded by the key sectors as well. The present situation created a favorable atmosphere for education sector while freeing the government to finally focus on education and other economic and social development activities. As a result the Ministry of Higher Education and Education has already formulated policies and strategies and implementing the same to bring the education system of the country equivalent to the standards of the rest of the world.

The MOHE develops partnerships with international universities for two way exchange resource and to increase opportunities for scholarships for overseas study for Sri Lankans. Other areas that the MOHE is responsible for, involved acquiring relevant skilled consultant teams for faculties such as Engineering, Medicine, Law and Arts in response to requests. It provides expertise and opportunities for dissemination of information, sharing of ideas and upgrading skills.


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