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The Rotary Auto Association founded by late Dr. D. M. M. Dasanayake as a Non Government Organization of which main objective was to teach the Auto Technicians and the Motor mechanics the value and to safeguard the electronic and computerized components in modern vehicles which prevent belching and poisonous gas emissions and protect the environment from pollution. It was also intended to fulfill the objective of imparting the latest Automobile Technology to the Technicians who work in Sri Lanka.

Under the Association the Rotary Auto Training Center was launched as an impressive milestone in the field of Automobile Technology. It has provided technical knowledge to over 15,000 persons within the categories of Technicians, Technical College Students and vehicle owners. About 90% of these have obtained jobs abroad. The high skills exhibited by these trainees abroad, have demanded for more trained personnel from our institute. Although our wish was to train sufficient personnel needed to meet the demand of our country, we still train excess personnel to seek employment abroad and earn foreign exchange for our country.

Automobile Institute of Research & Training

In response to the emerging high demand for knowledge in Automobile Technology, we registered a separate institution to acquire the differentiated market opportunities and to govern, control, direct, conduct and monitor the Modern Auto Technology Training and Research as well. At present the AIRT functions as the mother company of all other functions. It has to be mentioned that the AIRT was launched in place of Rotary Auto Training Center.


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