Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies - BCIS

+94 11 2 687118, +94 11 2 698019

Bauddhaloka Mawatha , Colombo 07

The Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies is a tertiary level education institution specializing in offering an array of courses in the discipline of International Relations and its sub disciplines.

The institution's unique academic posture has enabled the BCIS to be a key policy think tank in affecting the creation, facilitation and dissemination of knowledge.


To be the premier South Asian Institute which conducts research, training and dissemination of knowledge on International Studies.


To research on selected themes and to work towards a regular publication, establishing partnerships with local and international organizations, conducting training for academic programmes in International Studies as well as organizing seminars & workshops on selected themes by inviting local and foreign experts as resource personnel.


Courses @ Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies - BCIS