Language & Literature Courses in Sri Lanka

Explore degrees, diplomas and certificate courses offered by various institutions in Sri Lanka.

  • BA (Hons) English and TESOL
    National Institute of Business Management - NIBM

    The BA (Hons.) English and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) degree, awarded by Coventry University UK is aimed at equipping students with English Literature and linguistics subject knowledge and teaching skills along with required awareness for digital literacies.

    2 years long

  • Certificate Course in Basic Tamil
    Sri Lanka Foundation - SLF

    Target Group - School Leavers, Government and Private Sector Employees and Undergraduates. Applications Can be obtain from SLF on weekdays from 8.30am to 4.00pm or can be download from our website

    4 months long

  • Test of proficiency in Korean - EPS - TOPIK
    Thehan Sarasavi

    You will be able to learn the history of Korean language, Culture, Economy and Living conditions which will be taught by this course of study of the Korean Language and giving a great knowledge which is useful to face EPS – TOPIK test.

  • 31
    General English
    Australian College of Training in Hospitality - ACTH

    Individualised Training, Flexible Training, Friendly Trainers, Professional & Knowledgeable Trainers.

    2 months long

  • French Language
    Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies - BCIS

    A number of language courses are conducted by the Centre with a view to fostering and promoting friendly relationship among Nations.

    60 hours long

  • Japanese Language Proficiency Course
    Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute - LNBTI

    This training programme is focused on improving four language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening. Starting from the alphabet, LNBTI hopes to provide a thorough knowledge on Japanese used in the corporate structure.

  • LAVTC National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Courses
    Lalith Atulathmudali Vocational Training Center - LAVTC

    LAVTC offers National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Courses accredited by The Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission.

    3 - 12 months long

  • NVQ Courses from Dehiwala VTC
    Vocational Training Centre - Dehiwala

    NVQ and Technical courses from Dehiwala Vocational Training Center. You can apply with pending A/L results.

  • Certificate in English
    European Institute of Professional Education - EIPEL Campus

    This is a practical course aimed at improving Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Writing & Speaking. Course conducted by an experienced lady teacher.

    3 months long

  • International Languages - German or Japanese or Korean or Russian or Chinese
    Intellect International

    Learn an International Language - German or Japanese or Korean or Russian it will help you when you go abroad for Business, Higher Studies or Employment.

    36 hours long

  • TKT - Teaching Knowledge Test
    E-Tec Campus

    TKT, Teaching Knowledge Test is a good foundation if you want to study for a further qualification in teaching English.

    4 months long

  • National Youth Centre NVQ Courses
    National Youth Services Council - NYSC

    The National Youth Centre has initiated several programs to enable the youth to develop their skills while also providing an opportunity to achieve their future job aspirations through the provision of a variety of programs to develop their vocational as well as language skills.

  • City & Guilds English Programme
    FLITS Vocational Training Institute

    This programme designed for staff who read the full range of work related documents in English, including those requiring complex replies, and draft documents where choice and tone of expression may be critical to the success of the transaction.

    3 months long

  • Technical College NVQ Certificate Courses
    Department of Technical Education & Training - DTET

    Department of Technical Education & Training offers NVQ level 3 & 4 certificate courses and you can follow there courses at Technical Colleges in your area.

  • IELTS Preparation Classes
    Summerset College

    In this course, students will be prepared for IELTS Proficiency test and will be able to score high for the bands of Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking of the test. The course is ideal for students who wish to study in overseas.

    3 - 4 months long

  • Japanese Classes
    Lanka Educational Academy of Direct Studies - LEADS

    This class aims to acknowledge the basic of Japanese language such as Hiragana, Katakana, the basic level of Kanji.

    3 months long

  • 11
    Spoken English with Grammar

    Individual Attention to students. Not more than six students in a class. Every day Free Exercises materials.

    2 months long

  • Japanese Language Courses
    Centre for Advanced Studies and Research - CASaR

    Basic spoken and writing Japanese Course (3 Months). N5 Japanese Course (4 Months). N2 Japanese Course (11 Months).

  • 31
    Pearson's Test of English
    Australian College of Training in Hospitality - ACTH

    English Proficiency for Student Visa Requirements, Computer Based Specialised Training, Trainers with Expertise in the field of PTE Training, Individualised Training provide for every student.

    2 months long

  • Advanced Business English for Working Personnel
    Intellect International

    Specially for Working Personnel. Course is designed to give Advanced English knowledge required for Professional success. Ideal course for those who desire to reach a Higher standard of English.

    48 hours long

  • BA (Hons) English Studies
    National Institute of Business Management - NIBM

    BA (Hons) English Studies, awarded by Coventry University UK is a course for students who are interested in both English Language and English Literature.

    3 years long

  • Elocution Teachers Diploma
    E-Tec Campus

    This program will provide students with the ability to develop superior skills in the Elocution Teachers Diploma. Asian Academy Approved and IPEES-UK Assured Program.

    6 months long

  • Learn Sinhala Speaking for Foreign Nationals
    Intellect International

    Learn to Speak, Read & Write in Sinhalese Language. Short Termed Individual course exclusively for Foreign Nationals visiting Sri Lanka.

    3 months long

  • Diploma in Teaching English Language & Literature
    Intellect International

    Specially designed for prospective Teachers and for those who are currently in the Teaching Profession. Course is conducted by a Experience in Senior English Lecturer with Post Graduate Qualifications.

    1 year long

  • Diploma in English Language & Literature
    Intellect International

    After A/Ls - Ideal course for those who desire to reach a Higher standard to become an English Teacher. Classes conducted by an Experienced University Lecturer with Post Graduate Qualifications in English Language and Literature.

    6 months long

  • IELTS Traning Course
    Intellect International

    Learn IELTS from one of the best IELTS Trainers in Sri Lanka. We guarantee the Highest IELTS Score for you.

    12 weeks long