Professional Certificate in 3D Animation & VFX

@ Informatics Institute of Technology - IIT

3D Modeling, Sculpting, Dynamics & Animation

Character Sketching, 3D modeling Techniques, Digital Sculpting, Working with Digital Clay, Sculpting Techniques, maintaining polycounts, Vehicle modeling, Spline Modeling, Procedural Modeling, Storyboarding Techniques, Fluid Animations, Fluid Dynamics, Soft Bodies Simulation, Slow-Motion Simulations, and Multi Simulations, Advanced Particle simulations, Mesh handling and exporting. Physical Simulators
Tools: Autodesk Maya

Introduction to The Maya Interface, 3d Concepts: Different Coordinate System, Pivot Point, Advanced Polygonal Modelling, Advanced Nurbs Modelling, Subdivision Surfaces, Shading & Textures, Advanced Lighting, Light Baking, GI, Camera Models, Final Gather, Fluids & Particle systems, V-Ray and Arnold. Rigging.

Mudbox & Z-Brush
Brush, Material, Zbrush, Quickstart, UI, Hotkeys & Custom Menu, blocking out Organic Shapes, Refine Organic, blocking out Hard Surface, Refine Hard Surface, Complex Creation, Posing and Rendering.

Postproduction & VFX

Digital Video formats, Kinds/ Styles/ Types of Editing, Principles of Editing, Concept of Linear & Non-Linear Editing, Computer as a tool for Editing, Equipment & Software used in Non-Linear Editing, Understanding & identifying editing styles using documentaries, movies, ad films news telecast, etc., Color Correction, Chroma Removal, Tracking & Stabilizing, Effects, Particles, Motion Graphics

Adobe After Effects
Using 3D Features (2.5D), Advanced 3D, Photoshop and After Effects, Lesson 5: Particles, Paint Effects, Performing Color Correction, Advanced Effects, Advanced compositing
Adobe Premiere & Adobe Audition
Introduction to Audio & video, Bit Rates, file formats, technical jargon, Signals & noise, Encoding.
Tools: Adobe Premiere & Adobe Audition

Introduction, Bit Rates, Common Tasks and Functions, Special Effects, Audio Mixing Methods, Noise Reduction, Voice Adding, Chanel Mixing, Multi Band Effects, Video Resolution, Importing & Exporting, Video & Audio Effects


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Graphic Designing , Videography & Editing

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