Masters in Business Administration - MBA

Masters in Business Administration - MBA
@ Academy of International Business - AIB

This course is available to study as an Online Course.

The following are examples of the challenges you will face:

  • To confront your own personal strengths and weaknesses to be prepared to share these insights with others in order for all of you to learn
  • To reflect on your experience in order to develop an enhanced understanding of the principles of effective business management
  • To be prepared to test out those principles in the real world of business, rather than just in the safety of the classroom
  • Master increasingly sophisticated and complex techniques and skills in order to tackle real-life business problems
  • Work collaboratively with others in the learning process
  • To make mistakes and to learn from such mistakes
  • To have fun and to help others have fun too!

These last two challenges are often the most difficult to meet head-on. We believe that effective management development comes primarily from groups of individuals joining together with the common need and thirst to learn and develop themselves. The programme offers you the opportunity to work in groups that are small enough to develop a supportive team culture but big enough to provide the necessary diversity of experience and expertise. Working with others towards common goals will almost certainly be frustrating, annoying, and, at times, painful. However, it will also be exhilarating, energising and satisfying.

Aims of this programme 

* To provide you with a postgraduate career development general programme in business and management that will enable you to achieve learning outcomes at a level appropriate for the award of an MBA from the University

* To provide you with the opportunity to develop your critical understanding of business and management and its constituent processes from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

* To enable you to critically review and integrate your existing work experience with new experiences and your postgraduate studies, within an intensive process of management development

* To provide you with a learning experience that will enable you to enhance your career potential, personal and professional effectiveness, and performance in employment in the field of business and management in a wide range of organisations


Learning Models 

* Seminar based learning 
* Lecture based learning 
* One to one learning





12 Months

Course Fee

290, 000


Colombo , Kandy


Business Administration

Contact Details

0771221628 / 0768380505

5 Charles Pl, Colombo 00300 , Colombo 03

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