Certified Linux Network Administrator - (Fast Track)

Certified Linux Network Administrator - (Fast Track)
@ Turnkey IT Training

This course is available to study as an Online Course.

he course involves 95% practical in a dedicated real lab environment. Modularized handouts given for all courses. . All participants would be assured to face the exam in a confident manner.

The course contents are as follows;

Introducing LINUX

  • What is Linux?
  • What is a Linux Distribution?
  • What is GNU?
  • What is Free Software
  • What is Open Source Software
  • Free Software vs. Open Source Software
  • Popular Linux Distributions
  • What is UBUNTU
  • List of UBUNTU releases
  • UBUNTU Variants
  • UBUNTU Derivates
  • Why choose UBUNTU Linux
  • Getting Help for UBUNTU
  • What is Debian
  • List of Debian releases
  • Getting Help for Debian
  • Why switch from Windows to Linux
  • History of GNU and LINUX in a Breeze
  • History of Linux Distributions

Working with the Command Line

  • Things to Remember about Commands and the Command Line Interface
  • Man Pages
  • Directory Listing Commands
  • Directory Browsing Commands
  • Object Management Commands
  • File and Folder Searching Commands
  • Mounting Commands
  • Disk Usage Commands
  • System Information Commands
  • Compressing and Uncompressing Commands
  • User Command History
  • User and Group Management Command
  • How to Manage the Access to Objects (Ext Permissions)
  • Enable Object Colorization in Debian

Installing Debian Linux

  • System Requirements
  • Choosing the correct Hardware architecture
  • Starting the Debian installation
  • In-depth discussion about the installation
  • Post installation instructions
  • Installing Debian in a VirtualPC

Configuring Network Setting

  • Network Hardware Accessories
  • Operating System Configurations
  • Choosing an IP Address
  • IP Classifications
  • Choosing a Network Class
  • Different Methods to Interconnect Computers
  • Configuring Network Settings on Ubuntu
  • How to Set a Static IP in Ubuntu
  • How to Change the Hostname in Ubuntu
  • Configuring a Mobile Broadband Connection in Ubuntu
  • Configuring Network Settings on Debian
  • How to Set a Static IP in Debian
  • How to Change the Hostname in Debian
  • Checking the hostname and the IP
  • Checking the Connectivity between Computers and Troubleshooting

Software Management in Debian

  • Debian Software Repositories
  • Command Line Package Management Tools
  • Managing Debian Software Repositories
  • Managing Software Packages in the System
  • Finding Out Information about Currently Installed and Available Packages
  • Installing / Updating New Packages
  • Upgrading Packages
  • Removing Packages
  • Configuring Debian Multimedia 3rd Party Repository
  • Setting the Package Manager to use a Proxy Server
  • Automatically Download Updates
  • Other Useful Apt Options
  • Installing Synaptic GUI Package Manager

Configuring Linux Network Services

Remote Access Servers

  • Configuring SSH server
  • SSH client configuration
  • SCP - Secure copy
  • Securing a SSH server
  • Password less authentications using Public Keys
  • Accessing a SSH server using a Windows Client
  • Configuring a VNC Server
  • Accessing a VNC Server from a Client
  • Tunnel VNC through a SSH connection

Printer server

  • Configuring a CUPS server
  • Adding a Local Printer for Sharing
  • Authorizing the Printer Server
  • Configuring Printer Classes
  • Configuring Printer Clients

Samba Server

  • Configuring a Standalone Samba Server
  • Add Linux users to the samba database
  • Remove Linux users from samba database
  • Share the folder using samba
  • Configuring Samba Clients - Windows/Linux
  • Giving Writing Privileges to the User's Home Folder
  • Access Shared Folders on Windows form Ubuntu/Debian
  • Sharing a Printer on Linux with Windows using Samba
  • Accessing a Shared Printer on Windows from Ubuntu
  • Configuring a Active Directory Authenticated Samba Server

NIS server

  • Configuring a NIS Master server
  • Adding Central User and Group Accounts on the Master Server
  • Configuring NIS Clients
  • Changing NIS User Password
  • Configuring a NIS Slave Server

DHCP Server

  • Creating a DHCP scope file
  • Configuring DHCP Clients

Proxy Server

  • Configuring a Squid Proxy Server
  • Configuring Proxy Clients
  • Filtering Web Access using Dansguardian
  • Reconfiguring Proxy Clients to use Squid through Dansguardian
  • Configuring Dansguardian Filters
  • Monitoring Internet Usage
  • Enable User Authentication in Squid
  • Filter Users by their Names

DNS Server

  • DNS Basics
  • DNS Namespace Hierarchy
  • Configuring a Second Level DNS Server for Our Domain
  • Forward Lookup Zone
  • Reverse Lookup Zone
  • Authorizing the zone files
  • Configuring DNS Clients
  • Web Server
  • Configuring the Apache Web server
  • Publishing the multiple web sites
  • Name based VirtualHosts
  • IP based VirtualHosts
  • Hosting a SSL enabled web site with a self singed SSL certificate

Mail Server

  • Configuring a Postfix Mail Server
  • Configure postfix to use Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)
  • Configuring Dovecot
  • Configuring Squirrelmail
  • Creating a mail users
  • Forwarding Emails
  • Virtual Emails
  • Configuring Mail Clients
  • Access the Web Mail Client

FTP Server

  • Configuring Vsftpd server
  • Configuring a Authenticated FTP server
  • Enable upload for Authenticated users
  • Restrict Authenticated users to their Home folders
  • Restrict users from accessing the ftp server
  • Configuring FTP Clients
  • Accessing an anonyms ftp server
  • Accessing an authenticated ftp server

Configuring the Firewall

  • Introduction to Iptables and UFW
  • Enable/Disable the Firewall
  • Checking the firewall status
  • Verify the services and their port numbers
  • Allow/Deny specific IPs to access all services
  • Allow/Deny anybody to access specific services
  • Allow/Deny specific IPs to access specific services
  • Delete firewall rules


  • Fast Track Duration - 2 Weeks (Mon to Thu 9.30am - 4.30pm)


July 29, 2024


2 Weeks

Course Fee

LKR 19,000




Information Technology (IT) , Computer Security , Computer Networking

Contact Details

+94 11 2 581581, +94 77 2286988


562/16 , Lower Bagathalle Road , Colombo 03

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