Online VB.Net Visual Basic Programming

Online VB.Net Visual Basic Programming

This course is available to study as an Online Course.

Course Contents

  • Developing .NET Business Applications
    • Preparing an effective layered application architecture
    • Implementing a Visual Basic solution with Visual Studio
    • Strong naming assemblies with Visual Studio
  • Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic Designing classes with encapsulation
    • Coding classes with fields and public properties, methods and events
    • Instantiating objects with constructors and initializers
    • Linking objects with associations
    • Crafting classes with Visual Studio class designer
    • Creating shared, overloaded and extension methods
  • Applying inheritance
    • Identifying when to use inheritance
    • Coding inheritance hierarchies with Inherits
    • Overriding base class functionality with Protected, Overridable and Overrides
  • Employing polymorphism
    • Creating abstractions with MustInherit classes
    • Attaching the Implements clause to interfaces
    • Invoking polymorphic behavior
    • Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged and IDataErrorInfo
  • Engaging the .NET Framework Common Language Runtime (CLR)
    • CLR architecture and services
    • Managing memory and garbage collection
    • Compiling Visual Basic into Intermediate Language
    • Handling errors with Try/Catch/Finally
    • Throwing exceptions to enforce correct client behavior
  • Surveying the .NET Framework Class Library
    • Representing sets of data with .NET arrays and generic collections: List(Of T), BindingList(Of T)
    • Leveraging data annotation attributes for validation
    • Matching complex patterns with Regular Expressions
  • Programming web user interfaces
    • Designing ASP.NET web pages and adding controls
    • Working with the ASP.NET page life cycle and events
    • Integrating data access into ASP.NET
  • Constructing .NET desktop applications
    • Laying out Windows Forms and controls
    • Responding to user interface events
    • Implementing master/detail data binding
    • Displaying data entry errors with Error Provider
  • Accessing Data with Entity Framework and LINQ Connecting to databases with ADO.NET
    • Working with Connection, Command and DataReader
    • Calling stored procedures from ADO.NET
    • Releasing disposable objects
  • Mapping objects to databases with ADO.NET Entity Framework
    • Demystifying the database, model and code-first approaches
    • Automating object-relational mapping with DbContext and DbSet
    • Representing associations with foreign key mappings
    • Lazy and eager loading-related objects
    • Persisting an object graph into the database
  • Integrating query into Visual Basic with LINQ
    • Constructing LINQ statements
    • Filtering, sorting, grouping and reshaping data: Where, Order By, Group By and Select
    • Building custom objects from LINQ queries with anonymous classes
    • Working with expression and lambda function LINQ syntax
    • Harnessing LINQ with collections and Entity Framework
  • Deploying Visual Basic Applications
    • Employing .NET configuration and VB My.Settings
    • Packaging ASP.NET web applications with Visual Studio
    • Publishing Windows applications with ClickOnce

Individual classes arrange your convenient time and the days.

Recognized Certificated will be issued by us.

Institute Awarded by Ministry of Education and Microsoft.


October 02, 2023


70 Hours

Course Fee


Course Level

Diploma , Certificate


Colombo , Kandy , Jaffna


Software Engineering

Contact Details

+94 11 2 363632 +94 77 7 996242

03, 1/1 , Fernando Road , Colombo 06

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