Rapid Web Application Developer - RWAD

@ Institute of Java and Software Engineering - IJSE

Have you ever dreamt of creating your own professional portfolio, earning some money by creating web applications, getting a head start for your campus final year web - application or unable to catch up with the latest technologies and concepts in the IT industry?

The one and the only way to develop your web development skills from zero to mastery within just 2.5 months of time, the Rapid Web Application Development is a unique practical training based program, conducted by Sri Lanka's # 1 software engineering training institute.

RWAD is a head start for undergraduates who tend to enhance their knowledge in the web development side and a strong foundation with industry-level principles for a final year web application project. IT professionals in various titles can also benefit as this program is specifically designed to cover the most trending technologies and concepts from a beginner level. Also, this is the first crack for freelancers and want-to-be freelancers (both graduates and undergraduates) who are looking to expand their technological stack and discover new technologies while solving real-world problems in the industry.

Introduction to Internet Infrastructure and HTTP Protocol

Basic HTML & CSS

CSS Layouts

Google Fonts &Font Awesome in Typographic Section

What is new in HTML 5 & CSS 3?

HTML 5 new semantic elements

HTML 5 Audio / Video Elements

CSS 3 Animations

CSS 3 Transitions

CSS 3 Media Queries (Responsive web designing)

Mobile-First Approach vs. Desktop First Approach, developing process.

CSS Framework


Semantic UI

ECMAScript (JavaScript) & PHP

Introducing a methodology to learn any programming language fast.

jQuery Plugins

Document Object Model (DOM) & jQuery, jQuery UI

ECMAScript 5

  • Timers
  • Arrays
  • Objects
  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Regular Expressions


Exception Handling


Database Connectivity with MySQL

PHP Framework



Content Management System (CMS)


Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


10 Days

Course Fee

LKR 40,000

Course Level





Web Design

Contact Details

+94 7 11 202202


#223A 1/2, Galle Rd , Panadura

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