Advanced Excel 2016 - Level 2

Advanced Excel 2016 - Level 2
@ Netassist International

Dash Boards / Slicing / Dicing

Create Dash-Boards/ Dash boards templates

Using Multiple Workbooks

Open and Arrange Multiple Workbooks, Save a Workspace, Create and Maintain Links

Using Automatic Formatting & Styles

Apply an AutoFormat, Change AutoFormat Options, Extend List Formats and Formulas, Create a Style by Example, Create a New Style, Edit an Existing Style, Merge Styles

Working with Views

Create, Display and Delete a Custom View

Using Range Names

Jump to a Named Range, Assign Names, Use Range Names in Formulas, Create Range Names from Headings, Apply Range Names, Delete Range Names, Use Range Names in 3-D Formulas, Create 3-D Range Names, Use 3-D Range Names in Formulas

Working with Advanced Filters

Create a Criteria Range, Use a Criteria Range, Show All Records, Use Comparison Criteria, Use an Advanced And Condition, Use an Advanced Or Condition, Copy Filtered Records, Use Database Functions, Find Unique Records, Remove Duplicates from a Table

Advanced Charting

Add, Remove and Format Gridlines, Format an Axis, Change the Axis Scale, Format the Data Series, Add Data - Different Worksheets, Use a Secondary Axis, Change Data Series Chart Types, Add a Trend line, Create User-defined Charts, Create, Customize, Remove Spark lines

Using Auditing Tools

Display the Formula Auditing Toolbar, Display/Remove Dependent and Precedent Arrows, Remove Tracer Arrows, Use Auditing Tools Buttons

What IF Analysis - Problem Solving using Data Table

Using One Variable Data Table/Two Variable Data Table

What IF Analysis - Using Scenarios & Goal Seeking

Use the Scenario Manager, Create, Display and Edit a Scenario, Create a Scenario Summary Report, Use Goal Seek

What If Analysis - Solving Problems

Use Solver, Save a Solution as a Scenario, Change a Constraint, Create a Solver Report, View Solutions using Scenarios

Using Data Validation & Sub total

Date Validation/Number/Text Validation

Consolidating Worksheets

Consolidating Worksheets by Category or by Position

Sharing Workbooks

Save a Shared Workbook, View Users Sharing a Workbook, View Shared Workbook Changes, Highlight Changes, Resolve Conflicting Changes, Add a History Worksheet, Review Tracked Changes, Merge Shared Workbook Files

Using Advanced Functions

Use the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Function, Use the IF Function and Nested IF Function, Use the ISERROR Function, Use an AND Condition with IF, Use an OR Condition with IF, Use the ROUND Function, Limit the Precision of Numbers, Loan Calculation Function PMT, Count IF, Sum IF, Advanced Sum IFs

Creating/Revising PivotTables

Create a PivotTable Report, Add PivotTable Report Fields, Select a Report Filter Field Item, Refresh a PivotTable Report, Change the Summary Function, Add New Fields to a PivotTable Report, Move PivotTable Report Fields, Use Expand and Collapse Buttons, Hide/Unhide PivotTable Report Items, Delete PivotTable Report Fields, Create Report Filter Pages, Inserting & Using Slicers, Format a PivotTable Report, Create a PivotChart Report


8 Hours

Course Fee

LKR 7,500

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Colombo , Kandy


Information Technology (IT) , Finance , Computing

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+94 11 2 375346, +94 77 0347777

No 308 - 310, R A De Mel Mw , Colombo 03

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