Android Mobile Application Development

Android Mobile Application Development
@ WinSYS Networks

Awarding Body - WinSYS City Campus 


  • Introduction to Java
  • Introduction Android
    • Introduction to Android
    • Android App Architecture
  • Getting the Environment Ready
    • Installing the Android SDK bundle
    • Installing SDK Platforms and other packages
    • Virtual Devices and Testing
    • Getting your Android device ready for Testing
    • Creating your first app
  • Development Fundamentals
    • Android Project Structure
    • App Manifest File
  • Defining Activities
    • The Layout XML Files
    • Designing Screens
    • Linear Layouts
    • Relative Layouts
    • Adding Views to a View Group with JAVA Code
    • Displaying an image resource with Image View
  • Debugging Android Apps
    • Debugging Java Code with Logcat
    • Displaying messages onscreen with Toast
    • Using breakpoints and watching variables
    • Using DDMS Perspective
  • Managing Navigation
    • Creating new activities and layouts
    • Using explicit intents to start new activities
    • Finishing and returning from a secondary activity
    • The Android Life Cycle
    • Opening activities with implicit intents
  • Supporting Multiple Screens
    • Defining and using styles
    • Applying application themes
    • Creating a scrollable text display
    • Laying out a screen with fragments
  • Working with Events
    • Handling user events with Java Code
    • Handling Orientation and other configuration Changes
  • Working with Menus and Action Bar
    • Adding items to the options menu
    • Displaying menu items in the action bar
    • Managing the action bar and menus at runtime
  • Working with Data
    • Passing data to an activity with intent extras
    • Receiving data in a new activity
    • Returning data to a calling activity
    • Displaying data in a list
    • Handling list item click events
    • Customizing the list item
    • Exploring other uses of data
  • Android Developer Console
  • The All new Android Studio
  • Accessing Android Hardware
  • Sending SMS
  • Web-services MySQL + PHP

Delivery Method - Classroom-based learning, Industrial Training with Hands on Practical

Entry Criteria - Prior Study in the field of Android


45 Hours

Course Fee

LKR 26,000

Course Level

Diploma , Certificate , Training


Colombo , Kandy , Batticaloa


Java Certifications , Information Technology (IT) , Software Engineering

Contact Details

+94 77 7860687

No 61, Bauddhaloka Mawatha , Bambalapitiya , Colombo 04

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