CMJD Professional Level

@ Institute of Java and Software Engineering - IJSE
CMJD Professional Level

+94 7 11 202202

6 Months

LKR 60,000

CMJD professional certificate was fully designed for undergraduates who are studying in government and private universities to enhance the knowledge and skills of software developments to the industry standards. This course which also gives a marvelous software development training enabling modern software design and developing methodologies (architectural designs and using depth of object orientated programming) to fill the gap between students and current IT job requirements.

Target Audience

  •  Any university selected students
  • Undergraduates
  • People who need to fill up the knowledge gap in technology

Duration - 6 Months (Weekends only)

Course Content

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Database Management System (DBMS)
  • Database Programming with JDBC
  • Exceptions, Errors Handling & Assertions
  • Modern UI Designing
  • Object Oriented Design Principles
  • Data Validation with Regular Expressions (RegEx)
  • Integrated Development Environments (IDE)
  • Generics and Lambda λ
  • Design Patterns
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (DAS)
  • String Processing
  • Project Resources Management
  • Distributed Application Development (Using RMI)
  • Threads and Concurrency Handling
  • File Input Output (I/O)
  • Report generation in Applications (JSoft)
  • Java Collections Framework & Stream API
  • Object Relational Mapping (ORM) & (Hibernate)
  • Programming with Reflection API
  • Java SE API

Galle , Panadura
#223A 1/2, Galle Rd , Panadura

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