Oracle Developer & PL SQL Developer Training

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Oracle Developer & PL SQL Developer Training

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14 Weeks

LKR 48,000

Oracle Developer

  • Create reports of sorted and restricted data, Run data manipulation statements (DML)
  • Control database access to specific objects, Manage schema objects
  • Manage objects with data dictionary views. Retrieve row and column data from tables
  • Understanding the basic concepts of relational databases ensure refined code by developers. Helps the participants to write sub-queries, combine multiple queries into a single query using SET operators and report aggregated data using group functions. Controlling privileges at the object and system level are also dealt with in detail

Oracle Advanced PL / SQL Developer

  • Use PL / SQL packages to group and contain related constructs
  • Create triggers to solve business challenges
  • Use some of the Oracle supplied PL / SQL packages to generate screen output and file output
  • Create anonymous PL / SQL blocks, functions and procedures, Declare PL / SQL variables
  • Manage PL / SQL subprograms, triggers, declaring identifiers and trapping exceptions
  • Understand and influence the PL/SQL compiler and manage dependencies
  • Create anonymous PL / SQL blocks, focusing on stored procedures and functions
  • Create PL / SQL applications that use collections.
  • Implement a virtual private database with fine-grained access control
  • Write code to interface with external C and Java applications
  • Write code to interface with large objects and use SecureFile LOBs
  • Write and tune PL / SQL code effectively to maximize performance

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