Online CCTV Technician

Online CCTV Technician

CCTV Technician. Individual Classes. Arrange your convenient time. Recognized Certificated will be issued by us.

Course Contents

  1. Introduction to CCTV Systems
  2. Impotency of CCTV Systems
  3. Introduction to important features of CCTV Systems
  4. Introduction to impotency of Situation wise equipment selection and features configuration
  5. Introducing to main components of CCTV
  6. Introduction to main components of video source
  7. Impotency and functionality of main components
  8. Introduction to CCTV Camera
  9. How CCTV Camera works and functionalities
  10. The technologies Using by CCTV Camera
  11. Introduction to camera chips and categorizing them as per the technology
  12. Camera types and their usage
  13. Explaining important Factors and features that improve video quality
    • Pixel
    • Resolution
    • Bitrate
    • Codec
    • CIF
    • Compression Artifact
    • TVL
  14. Introduction to camera formats
  15. Introduction to camera lenses
  16. Explaining parts and functionality of camera lenses
  17. Varies types of camera lenses
  18. Lens Calculation
  19. Introduction to features and characteristic of a camera lens
    • Focal Length
    • Depth of Field
    • F Stop
    • C or CS Mount
    • Auto or Manual Iris
    • Video or Direct Drive
  20. Introduction to select correct camera consider above factors suits for the situation
  21. Introduction to Lighting for camera
  22. Explanation of various night vision systems including for various cameras and situations that they use
  23. Introduction to IR Illumination and IR Illuminators
  24. Explain about 03 IR illumination Devices
  25. Introduction to methods of video transmission(Direct Transmission through cables, Video Over IP)
  26. Introduction to transmission media and explain abut transmission media categories
  27. Guided transmission media categories (Coaxial, Twisted Pair, Fiber Optic)
  28. Explanation about Twisted pair cable, Characteristics and categories of twitted pair cable
  29. Introduction to connectors and install connectors to twisted pair cable
  30. Explanation about Coaxial Cable and inside of the coaxial cable
  31. Introduction to connectors and install connectors to Coaxial Cable
  32. Introduction to fiber termination and fiber optic cables
  33. Video transmission using network protocols through wired and wireless media
  34. Introduction to powering systems for CCTV systems
  35. Discussing suitable voltages and amperage to cctv equipment
  36. Introduction to power supply units and power wiring.
  37. Introduction to CCTV video recording devises and categories of video recording devises
  38. Explanation about DVR technology
  39. Discussion to compression methods
  40. Discussion to video compression standards
  41. Video storage technology and hard disks
  42. Utilities and features of a DVR
  43. Attaching varies cameras(Analog, AHD, IP), Installation of hard drive and Configuration of DVR
  44. Configure internet router, DVR and watch cctv videos from another location through internet.
  45. Configure DVR and watch videos from Mobile app
  46. How to plan and implement CCTV system
  47. Using Design IP Video system design tool and Design CCTV System


July 02, 2024


40 Hours

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Computer Networking , Computer Hardware

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03, 1/1 , Fernando Road , Colombo 06

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