Diploma in Auto CAD

Diploma in Auto CAD

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January 31, 2020

70 Hours

LKR 14,500

Our Class Rooms

We have two simple rules. There is a computer station for each student to use in class and no batch or group class will have in it. By following these two rules we can be sure each student has the opportunity to learn in the most efficient, thorough manner…


1. Creating a Simple Drawing

A. Getting Started with AutoCAD

* Starting AutoCAD

* AutoCAD's Screen Layout

* Working with Commands

* Opening an Existing Drawing File

* Saving Your Work

* AutoCAD's Cartesian Workspace

B. Basic Drawing & Editing Commands

* Drawing Lines

* Erasing Objects

* Drawing Lines with Polar Tracking

* Drawing Rectangles

* Drawing Circles

* Viewing Your Drawing

* Undoing and Redoing Actions

2. Making Your Drawings More Precise

A. Drawing Precision in AutoCAD

* Using Object Snap

* Object Snap Overrides

* Polar Tracking Settings

* Object Snap Tracking

* Drawing with SNAP and GRID

B. Making Changes in Your Drawing

* Selecting Objects for Editing

* Moving Objects

* Copying Objects

* Rotating Objects

* Scaling Objects

* Mirroring Objects

* Editing Objects with Grips

3. Drawing Organization and Information

A. Organizing Your Drawing with Layers

* Creating New Drawings with Templates

* What are Layers?

* Layer State

* Changing an Object's Layer

B. Advanced Object Types

* Drawing Arcs

* Drawing Polylines

* Editing Polylines

* Drawing Polygons

* Drawing Ellipses

C. Getting Information from Your Drawing

* Measuring Objects

* Working with Properties

4. Creating More Complex Objects

A. Advanced Editing Commands

* Trimming and Extending

* Stretching Objects

* Creating Fillets and Chamfers

* Offsetting Objects

* Creating Arrays of Objects

B. Inserting Blocks

* What are Blocks?

* Inserting Blocks from Tool Palettes

* Inserting Blocks using Insert

* Inserting Blocks with Design Center

5. Preparing to Print

A. Setting Up a Layout

* Printing Concepts

* Creating Viewports

* Setting up Layouts

* Guidelines for Layouts

B. Printing Your Drawing

* Printing Layouts

* Printing a Check Plot

6. Annotating Your Drawing

A. Text

* Working with Annotations

* Adding Text in a Drawing

* Modifying Multiline Text

* Formatting Multiline Text

B. Hatching

* Hatching

C. Adding Dimensions

* Dimensioning Concepts

* Adding Linear Dimensions

* Adding Radial and Angular Dimensions

* Editing Dimensions

* Adding Notes to Your Drawing

7. Beyond the Basics

A. Working Effectively with AutoCAD

* Setting up the Interface

* Using the Keyboard Effectively

* Working in Multiple Drawings

* Using Grips Effectively

* Additional Layer Tools

B. Accurate Positioning

* Coordinate Entry

* Locating Points with Tracking

* Construction Lines

* Placing Reference Points

8. Creating and Organizing Blocks

A. Creating Blocks

* Creating Blocks

* Editing Blocks

* Removing Unused Elements

B. Blocks in Tool Palettes

* Adding Blocks to Tool Palettes

* Modifying Tool Properties in Tool Palettes

9. Drawing Setup and Utilities

A. Creating Templates

* Why Use Templates?

* Controlling Units Display

* Creating New Layers

* Adding Standard Layouts to Templates

* Saving Templates

B. Annotation Styles

* Creating Text Styles

* Creating Dimension Styles

* Creating Multileader Styles

10. Advanced Layouts and Printing

A. Advanced Layouts

* Creating and Using Named Views

* Creating Additional Viewports

* Layer Overrides in Viewports

* Additional Annotative Scale Features

B. DWF Printing and Publishing

* DWF Plotting and Viewing

* Publishing Drawing Sets

11. Other Topics

* How to Use Quick Calc

* Additional Zoom Commands

* Creating Model Space Viewports

* Advanced Object Selection

* Single-Line Text

* Other Text Tools

* Additional Dimensioning Tools

* Creating Boundaries

* Working with Regions

* Temporary Overrides

12. 3D Foundations

* Why use 3D?

* Introduction to the 3D Modeling Workspace

* Basic 3D Viewing Tools

* 3D Navigation Tools

* Introduction to the User Coordinate System

13 Simple Solids

* Working with Solid Primitives

* Solid Primitive Types

* Working with Composite Solids

* Working with Mesh Models

14 Creating Solids & Surfaces from 2D Objects

* Complex 3D Geometry

* Extruded Solids and Surfaces

* Swept Solids and Surfaces

* Revolved Solids and Surfaces

* Lofted Solids and Surfaces

15 Advanced Solid Editing

* Editing Components of Solids

* Editing Faces of Solids

* Fillets and Chamfers on Solids

16 Working Drawings from 3D Models

* Creating Multiple Viewports

* 2D Views from 3D Solids

Duration : 70 Hours
Admission fee : LKR. 500.00
Course Fee: LKR 14500.00
** Individual Classes, Time can be arranged to your convenient.
**Professional Training
**Course Conducted by Qualified Lectures
Address: AICT, 3, 1/1, Fernando Road Colombo 6.
**Wi-Fi Lab

Recognized Certificated will be issued by us.
Institute Awarded by Ministry of Education and Microsoft


Closing Date
January 31, 2020
03 , 1/1 , Fernando Road , Colombo 06

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