B.Sc. in Fisheries & Marine Sciences

@ Ocean University of Sri Lanka
B.Sc. in Fisheries & Marine Sciences

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3 - 4 Years

This degree programme is designed to provide the Student with comprehensive knowledge of Fisheries and Marine Science.

On successful completion of this Program, the graduate will acquire a broad –based knowledge of marine sciences and demonstrate the understanding of;

  • Physical & chemical features of the marine environment which provide a habitat for multitude of living organisms
  • Critical role of Oceans in food supply and in global climate change
  • Diversity of marine organisms, ecosystems, their biology, evolutionary history, biogeography, interactions with other organisms and adaptations to their environments
  • The scientific knowledge and skill needed for fisheries sciences, aquatic resource production and mariculture career
  • The multidisciplinary perspectives in dealing with fisheries management and mariculture management
  • Advance aquaculture production systems and engineering that will enhance them to design, construct operate and maintain aquaculture facilities
  • The impacts of coast and coastal environments, resulting from natural and anthropogenic activities and possible mediatory measures (management) including methods of biodiversity conservation
  • International low of the sea and national lows governing the rights and responsibilities of nations and the local costal environments
  • The scientific method and critical thinking including the ability to design and carryout and inquiry based research or interesting project, analyze scientific literature, write a scientific proposal, research paper, and a scientific presentation
  • The use of and application of biostatistical and microcomputer techniques
  • The skill and experience needed for further research, higher education or appropriate employments
  • The development of commercially valuable products and processes from and marine organisms through the application of techniques of biotechnology, molecular & cell biology & bioinformatics

No 15, Crow Island , Mattakuliya , Colombo 15

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