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This Course introduces the English Language to the beginners, and help in improving on basic knowledge to use in day to day activities. It also lay down the preliminary step to enter into academic career using English language.

Level and Placement

  • Five levels of proficiency, beginners to upper-Intermediate
  • All new students take a placement test before classes start to determine their level of placement
  • Completion of the program could be within 06 months depending on their level of placement
  • Promotion to the next level is based on final grades and teachers' recommendation


  • No age limit
  • Affordable course fee
  • Learn English with foreign students
  • Well-experienced teaching panel
  • Recognized certificate after completion

Program Structure


Grammar classes help students learn structures that will help them communicate more accurately in English. Emphasis will be not on learning rules of English grammar; instead, they learn how to use English grammar structures accurately in meaningful communication in both speaking and writing.

Reading and Discussion

In reading and discussion classes, students learn strategies and practice reading for detail, main idea, and inference. They also work on the skills of speed reading, skimming, scanning, paraphrasing, and summarizing and synthesizing information. Students can practice new vocabulary and participate in discussions about class texts. Texts include short, simple newspaper articles to scholarly journal articles.


At the lower levels, focus is on writing sentences and paragraphs related to students’ experiences. In the intermediate levels, students work on different rhetorical styles, writing unified coherent paragraphs and essays that demonstrate a variety of cohesive devises, some mastery of punctuation rules and diction, and use of adequate support.

Speaking / Listening

In speaking/listening classes, students practice understanding spoken English in social, academic, and testing situations through guided exercises, listening exercises, note-taking practice, and vocabulary building. Listening material includes short controlled passages at the beginning levels to authentic lectures and video segments at the more advanced levels. In speaking, students receive instruction and feedback on pronunciation issues including sound production, intonation, thought groups, and word and sentence stress. Fluency is emphasized.

Students learn to participate more confidently in conversations and group discussions and to give both formal and informal presentations.

A large part of language ability is confidence, so our lessons are designed to build students confidence and provide them with lots of opportunities to use the English Language they are learning.

Our classes are usually small, which means that the teacher can give more personal attention to the students in need. Students will be given plenty of opportunities to practice the spoken English language through discussions, debates and conversation activities, such as role-play and pair-work. Students evaluation tests will be conducted at the end of each study level and the further help will be provided for students who are in need.

Courses content and Course Material

  • Core course content includes grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Comprehensive work book will be provided to students with DVD and other learning materials at the instigation of the course


8 Months

Course Level





English General

Contact Details

+94 11 4 365555

No 482/B, Suhada Mw , Chandrika Kumaranathunga Mw , Malabe

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