Flight Instructor Rating (FIR)

Flight Instructor Rating (FIR)
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Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) enables the holder to deliver flight instructions to students towards Private pilot and Commercial Pilot license with Instrument Rating.  Being a flight instructor can be a rewarding experience where pilots have the opertunity to gain necessary flight experience to apply for higher possitions such as Air Operators, airlines among others.

The CAASL flight instructor rating qualifies graduates as Assistant Flight Instructor (AFI), on completion of 500 hours total flight time and 100 hours of instructions, Assistant flight instructors can request  CAASL for limitations to be restricted by obtaining an unrestricted Flight Instructor Rating.

As an AFI, depending on indivigual requirements of FTO, can more or less complete more of the training excluding

  • First Solo release
  • First Solo Night release
  • First Cross Country solo release

Course Structure

Ground Theory

  • 100 hours of ground theory including
  • Principles of Instruction
  • Preparation of flight briefings
  • Detailed Long briefings for PPL and CPL/IR lessons
  • Conduct of flight briefings under supervision of a certified instructor

Flight Theory

  • 30 hours of Flight Training
  • completion of PPL Dual flight exersises, Instrument Training, Night Training  from Right Seat as a Instructor
  • Mastering the art of instruction, demonstration, recognising students mistakes and enforcing possitive control


  • A valid CAASL CPL/IR
  • A current class 1 medical
  • Ensure currency and recency on the type of aircraft and CPL/IR
  • at least 21 years of age.
  • Have a high command of written and spoken english
  • Good conduct, professionalism, dicipline and self preparedness


4 Months

Course Level





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