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The Commercial Pilots License with instrument rating (CPL/IR) will enable you to pursue a career in commercial aviation. The course is geared towards the standards and completion of the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (UKCAA) examinations which are conducted through the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL).

This course is for those pilots who want to fly professionally, as well as for enthusiasts. In this integrated program, you will obtain your Private Pilot Certification in Phase I, and your Instrument Rating and Commercial License in Phase II. You can fly Phase II in either a single engine or in a multi-engine airplane, and your Commercial Certificate will reflect the categories chosen.
Training for the Commercial Pilots License is not that much different from the Private Pilots License, and even without any prior flying experience, all necessary ground instructions and approximately 150 flying hours can be completed within 12 months.
Main aspects of the course :
  • Integrated flying and theory : Training consists of an integration of flying and theory which focuses on a better understanding of aircraft systems and a higher standard of airmanship.
  • Advanced aerial maneuvers : You will also learn some new maneuvers along the way and be required to demonstrate them to proficiency on the check ride. The flying training is designed to fine-tune the skills already learned in the PPL, with both dual and solo flight time.
  • 150-hour total time requirement : The main goal before beginning your training for the Commercial Pilots' License is to build your time towards the 150-hour total time requirement. This will consist of approximately 100 hours as pilot-in-command (which would include 40 hours of instrument-flying, 5 hours of night flying and 50 hours of cross-country). Since most CPL students have about 40 hours after they complete their private pilot license, you can carry over these clocked hours to your commercial pilot flight training.
  • Commercial Pilots License test : On completion of your training, you will carry out the Commercial Pilots License test with a CAASL (Civil Aviation Authority) approved examiner.
  • Full-time theory courses : Skyline Aviation has full-time theory courses for the CPL continually throughout the year with experienced DGCA-approved instructors with aircraft engineering background.
Topics covered in the course :
  • Aircraft performance & systems :A detailed study into the components of an airplane, engine, flight controls, instruments, and how they operate.
  • Flight performance & planning : Principles of how an airplane is controlled once airborne by the use of the flight control instruments.
  • Navigation - General & Instruments : The use of aviation maps and radio navigation aids, to get you and your aircraft to your destination.
  • Meteorology : Basic concepts of weather formation and how to obtain and interpret weather information that may affect your flight.
  • Air law flight rules & procedures :Just as there are rules for operating automobiles on roads and highways, there are rules governing the operation of an aircraft in International Airspace.
  • Radio Telephony 1 & 2 : This would cover your long and short range communication during flight.


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