Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies - BCIS

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The Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies, commonly known as the BCIS, is the academic-wing of the S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike National Memorial Foundation, a statutory institute established under Act of Parliament No. 2 of 1975.

The BCIS is a non-profit, tertiary level education institute specializing in all aspects of international relations including training, research and advanced studies.

We thrive to achieve excellence in disseminating knowledge, training and policy interventions in international relations and global politics. Global politics and political challenges in the current context has made BCIS adopt evolutionary strategies to reinvent itself always providing the best and crucial education and research in the academic discipline of International Relations. 

This visionary thinking is put into practice targeting the Sri Lankan citizens. BCIS is a unique organization which is promoting international peace, diplomacy, knowledge of global politics through an education system that is accessible to any citizen in Sri Lanka irrespective of any difference in education or social cultural background. We are the citizens gateway to learning and ideologically enhancing the minds of our citizens on the importance of knowing, learning and critically engaging with International relations.

Map of Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies - BCIS

  • Diploma in International Relations

    The Diploma course takes a step further with the focus of study on International Law/Human Rights/Organisations, etc., and is designed to stimulate interest in further studies.

  • Higher Diploma in International Relations

    This programme is designed to provide an in-depth theoretical knowledge in international relations that will encourage critical analysis and advanced research.

  • English Language

    100 Hour Certificate Course for beginners and parents.

  • French Language

    A number of language courses are conducted by the Centre with a view to fostering and promoting friendly relationship among Nations.

  • Certificate in International Relations

    To acquire the basic knowledge necessary to join in or switch over to the fields of Foreign Service, Foreign Missions, NGOs and INGOs.