Institute of Human Resource Advancement - IHRA - University of Colombo

 +94 11 2 503393, +94 11 2 554724
No: 275 , Bauddhaloka Mawatha , Colombo 07
The Institute of Human Resource Advancement (IHRA) is one of the Institutes attached to the University of Colombo (IHRA-UOC) and it has been established under the Ordinance No.11 of 1979 which was amended by Ordinance No. 01 of 2006. IHRA is advancing according to the global and local developments through the "knowledge economy".
The state controlled Sri Lankan Universities and Institutes have been recently categorized by the Treasury as Educational Agencies (Public Enterprises Circular 58(2) dated 15 Sep 2011). The Board of Management of the Institute is called as the Academic Syndicate, and it is chaired by the Director. Unlike in other Non-Commercial Enterprises the Director has the Chairman’s role as well as the Chief Financial Officer and the Administrative Head in addition to a heavy load of Academic responsibilities.
The main objective of educating the employed "work-groups" remains the same although the term "knowledge workers" was not used in the past when this Institute was established. However, present knowledge-worker category includes both the management categories as well as the traditional worker groups, and present objectives of the institute are applicable to advance any category of "knowledge workers"