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 1 Year


This programme is of one year's duration and it will help to,

  • assist those engaged in the education and care of young children to advance their knowledge in the principles of child development.
  • create an awareness of the issues related to the early years of childhood with special emphasis on Sri Lankan children and to sensitize child care givers to values and ethics related to child development in the present socio-cultural context.
  • enhance skills in child study techniques and in the methodologies of educating the young child.
  • develop an understanding of individual differences adjustment problems of young children and to encourage implementation of remedial measures.

Admission Requirements

Entry requirements for this programme are:-

  • Applicants should be 18 years on the closing date of application
  • Successful completion of the Certificate Programme in Pre-School Education conducted by the OUSL.
  • A good knowledge in both spoken and written in the medium of language selected.

Programme Content

The programme consists of compulsory and optional courses.  Each student has to follow the four compulsory courses and one optional course.

a)  Compulsory Courses

  • ESC2315 Early childhood Development
  • ESC2316 Methods and Management of Teaching and Learning in Pre-Schools
  • ESC2217 Socio-Cultural Perspectives in Early Childhood Education
  • ESC2218 Project

b)  Optional courses

  • ESC 2219 Play in Early childhood
  • ESC 2220 Children’s Literature
  • ESC 2221 Adjustment Problems in Early childhood
  • ESC 2222 Child Rights

Mode of Teaching

A Distance Education Institution such as the Open University of Sri Lanka differs markedly from a conventional university in its mode of teaching.  At the OUSL the student on registration receives a course pack, which is designed for self-study and self-learning.  Students are therefore expected to work on their own.  Assistance and guidance however are provided by day schools conducted generally once a month on a Weekend (Saturday or Sunday) and will take the form of discussions, workshops, video films and guidance for practical work.


Evaluation includes continuous assessment and final examination.

i.  Continuous assessment through a specified number of compulsory assignment - Students are required to submit the assignments, which will be graded and returned to them with comments. A student shall be eligible to sit the final examination in respect of any course only if he/she is awarded a minimum of 40% for the continuous assessment component in respect of that course.

ii.  Final Examination - each course (other than the project) will be evaluated on the basis of a written examination of three hours duration.

iii.  Project

Medium of Instruction

This programme of study is available in Sinhala and English only.

Study Centres

This programme will be held in Colombo, Matara and Kandy Regional Centres.


The Advanced Certificate in Pre School Education will be awarded in accordance with the provisions of the Open University regulations.

Each year the programme will be advertised in the Daily News, Observer, and Silumina.

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